Agritopia® Epicenter rezoning goes to Town Council April 5

The rezoning case for the Agritopia® Epicenter project was approved by the Planning Commission last week by unanimous vote. The goal of the rezoning is to allow a better mixed use project and to unify the development standards for the vacant land. Two community meetings were held at the Agritopia® Community Center to explain the case and to take public comment, many of which have been incorporated into revised plans. The final step in the approval process is a vote of the Town Council on April 5.


    • Ephrem Jando

    Job well done Joe! Can not wait to see this begin, our office is just across the street!

  1. Emily November 16, 2009 Hey Marcus. Yes, we realized that as well. Once we sort of broke down the itnellect there was a lot of inconsistency in what they claimed to believe. Keep him in your prayers, because by the end of the night he was very open when we spoke with him.God Bless you guys as well.Emily

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