Epicenter Rezoning is Approved

On April 5th, the Town Council of Gilbert unanimously approved the rezoning of Epicenter to General Commercial with a number of variances and special features. This clears the way for future development in a flexible manner consistent with the vision for Agritopia. Attached to the ordinance was a restatement of the existing unique signage plan and vernacular architecture themes adopted in 2000 in the original zoning case for the Agritopia community.

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  1. If your referring to the In-vision menetig held this pass Wednesday night. It is only ideas concering the Nebraska ave Metro express and how us (neighbors) would like to see happen, also 25-or 30 people showed up. I did not see any OSHNA or SESH officers or board members. So if your soooo concered about what;s going on in your neighborhood HELP OUT


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