Farmer’s Market

It’s finally here!  Agritopia’s own Farmer’s Market begins Wednesday, June 5th.  Come every Wednesday evening from 4-8pm to enjoy food trucks and pick up local artisan food products alongside the Farm at Agritopia’s own organically grown fruits and vegetables.  We will locate at the Farm Stand close to The Coffee Shop and Joe’s Farm Grill.


    • Pam Stephenson

    Can you tell me what vegetables will be available on 6-1-13? Tomatoes? Corn? Peaches? Thanks. Love your community!!

    • Leslie Van Valkenberg of Pizzelle Pastries

    The name of my company is Pizzelle Pastries. I make ONLY pizzelles– an elegant and delicate little Italian cookie that is unique, tasty and oh so good! How do I become a vendor at your farmers market? I sell over 40 flavors of traditional and custom pizzelles– some using imported liqueurs. I currently sell at the Gilbert Farmers Market but would very much like to join an evening market. I recently moved from Fountain Hills to Queen Creek– the location of Agritopia would be perfect! Thank you!

    • Kelly

    Can you please provide information about how to obtain and submit an application to sell at the farmers market? Thank you.

    • LouAnn Rice

    Is your Wednesday 4-8 pm farmer’s market still happening? How can I keep up to date on it?

    • Peter Blaine

    Do you guys have eggs at the farmers market?

    • Heather

    What food trucks attend on Wednesdays?

    • Teresa

    I went for the farmers market and was there on 8/6/14 at 4:30 pm and saw no one.

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    • Sharon

    I would love to bring our product to your market. Do you have a vendor application?

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  3. What a great idea..Furikake Pizzelles! Looking at your pics I was thinking how you got it so round, I alayws had to cut mine to make it round,lol.. I used to make them and as soon as done, wrap them around a cone mold, and pipe whipped cream inside..or a cream cheese filling .my version of cannoli. As alayws, thanks for sharing!

    • Justin

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