Front porch is back

Porches are a noteworthy feature of homes in Agritopia®. They are not there just for looks. The Arizona Republic recently wrote an article on the return of porches, which may be read here: Agritopia Porches.

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  1. Add me to your list of supporters that emabrce your redevelopment goals. Improving the water front experience in Redondo Beach is a worthwhile challenge. A union with AES, the property owner, could greatly improve the bike path experience by using land on the east side of Harbor Drive. The drive along that part of the harbor would be safer with bikes and pedestrians taken off the street. The earlier redevelopment intentions were good and those efforts made some positive changes to the water front. The project plans in the Nineteen-Seventies were a bit off the mark by completely dismantling the original downtown design. Did Redondo Beach really need government housing built there? Maybe the city was blinded by available funding. Harbor Drive will never intersect with Torrance Blvd. again, I guess that traffic flow is gone forever. I would like to see us get it right this time. Our modern world requires the tolerance of well managed technology. A partnership with AES is a good step forward for us all.


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