Neighborhood / Lifestyle

Reduce Physical Barriers to Relationships

To the greatest extent possible, we try to eliminate those things that tend to isolate people. Such barriers include: block walls, overly wide streets, uninviting streetscapes, lack of porches or other social space, garage doors on the streets, lack of usable parks, and speeding traffic. We’ll also do things that favor pedestrians over cars. While we need cars, walking and visiting is more apt to build a relationship than driving around.

As you walk around Agritopia®, you will notice white vinyl fences that allow neighbors to chat from their yards, porches along tree-lined streets to encourage strolling and conversation, and garages hidden away so that thoughtful home architecture is emphasized. Pathways and sidewalks connect homes, farms, gardens, a school, parks, and commercial areas into a seamless network reminiscent of a traditional village. This makes for a simpler, yet richer life.

Reduce Social/Economic Barriers to Relationships

In many suburbs, neighborhoods tend to become uniform in their demographics. For example, a neighborhood might be characterized as a starter home, family, “yuppie”, or a retirement neighborhood. This is largely a function of a limited offering of home sizes and prices being offered in a neighborhood. Agritopia® offers a broader range of floor plans and prices so as to create a more diverse neighborhood.

Promote Sharing

We think that it is beneficial to share pools, parks, and other public space versus everyone having their own pool and large yard. It encourages personal interaction and saves families time (in maintenance) and money. Some people have their own pool, but the community pool makes doing so less of a necessity. Sharing is also good when it comes to organizations. It is better for the schools and the community center to share parking and sports facilities rather than each having their own. This saves each organization money and is much more efficient in terms of land use.

Promote a Simpler Life

It is our desire to do what we can to reduce the stresses of modern life. Time is a precious commodity. By encouraging sharing, making homes more maintenance free, having easy pedestrian access to most of a resident’s needs, and making an adaptable community, our lives can be simplified giving us more time to enjoy friends and family.