Shaken, Not Stirred: May 19

The Agritopia Homeowners Association allocates a significant portion of dues to social events for the purpose of fostering community. On May 19, the first annual “Shaken, Not Stirred” event will be held at the Agritopia tennis courts from 7p to 10p. It is a Casino Night with BYOB Cocktails. Food will be provided by local restaurant, Flancer’s. While most of our events are for kids and families, this is an adult event (21 and over only, please) and has limited capacity, so please contact Gina Sharpe via the instructions stated in the flyer left on your door. For those of residents who have attended our annual “Stems and Steins”, you know what an entertaining evening it will be.

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    • Michele

    I came to the website to learn about agritopia as a different approach to living. But this event is what I would see by most HOAs in Arizona developments. Now it seems it is just a typical development with a farm nearby.


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