U-Pick Peaches Starting This Weekend

Beginning this Saturday, May 19th the Farm at Agritopia® will be having u-pick peaches and apricots from 7 am until noon.  This will continue every Saturday until all the peaches are harvested.  Last year was such a success that the picking season only lasted a couple of weekends.  Make plans to come out soon before they are all gone!  In addition to the u-pick peaches this weekend, our Farm Stand (located just south of The Coffee Shop) will be open Saturday from 7am until 1 pm.  The Farm Stand at Agritopia® will have over a dozen different fruits and vegetables for sale.  In addition to our Farm Stand, you can purchase fruits and vegetables from our harvest at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings from 7-11 am and at the Chandler Farmer’s Market on Thursday evenings from 3-7 pm through the month of May.  We look forward to picking peaches with you!


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